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Shanghai Miyuan Organic Agricultural Development Co., Ltd

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Country/Territory China
Phone +15835471212
Contact 第一联系人 孔浩源

Shanghai Miyuan Organic Agricultural Development Co., Ltd was established in 2020, mainly engaged in the domestic sales of organic food and organic agricultural products as well as import and export trade. The company has been engaged in the organic agriculture industry for many years and has very rich resources in the industry. We provide certified organic staple foods, mixed grains, fruits, vegetables, meat and processed pre-packaged foods. The company also owns the "Yuzuo" brand series, which includes the first organic certified beer in China so far, which has won several awards for organic innovative products in China. We have been upholding the business philosophy of "Customer First", comprehensively constructing the core competitiveness of the company, to realize the technical value of organic agriculture, build a bridge of trust between producers and consumers, and be the leader of the industry!

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