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Cooperativa de Productores Orgánicos de Chile

Organic Producers Cooperative from Chile

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Country/Territory Chile
Phone +56935619900
Contact Cristóbal González

We are the Chilean Organic Producers Cooperative that was born in 2020 in Maule Region and our mission is to be recognized as the best reputed producer in the country.
Our products are of exceptional quality and value, a reflection of the ecological management of processes carried out based on cooperative values ​and agroecological principles, such as:
• Recycling,
• Diversification,
• Resilience,
• Energy efficiency,
• Optimization of nutrient and water
• Balanced biotic regulation,
• Autonomy and self-management,
• Cooperation,
• Economic benefits,
• Short-circuit sale joint

• Organic Apples: Royal Gala, Fuji, Granny Smith and Pink Lady
• Organic Pears: Berry bosc
• Organic Blueberries: Duke, Brigitta, Legacy, among others.
• Services: Organic apple, pear and blueberries packing processes,
• Cold storage for fresh fruit,
• Export and international marketing of fresh fruit.
• Marketing of organic products in the national market

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