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Country/Territory India
Phone +917349233700
Contact Manasa Satheesh

-BCX Bio-Organics through BioChar compost brings lasting love for soil quality among farmers; benefits the soil for 100s of years.
•Our mixture retains water, nutrients, phosphorus, agro-chemicals, longer than
compost and peat moss, thus, imparting drought resistance to plants.
•Our range of inputs gives protection against foliage, fungal and soil-borne diseases and ensures a bigger size and quality of produce, an abundance of vegetables, fruits, and flowers, and thus, more productivity.
•Our products increase nitrogen and other important nutrients, encourages micro-organisms to thrive in the soil, and thus, increases soil fertility.
•Our package of application returns carbon back to the soil, that would have been released as CO2 into the atmosphere, called carbon sequestration. This 'carbon negative' process can help stop global warming.

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