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Vishal Jadhav

Ecokisan Farmer producer Co.Ltd

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Country/Territory India

#Mission Organic Farming
#Mission 10000 Organic farmers
Nature and farmer together can bring prosperity and I believe that the ecologically protective practices in the farming can contribute to enhance ecosystem & benefit water quality, soil health & bio – diversity for all . This thought motivates me to start this mission organic agriculture in 2016 & because of agriculture background of my family where I have been seen many pain point of agriculture . and have personal interest to work for organic small & marginal farmers including tribal farmers doing organic since 2010 & those who are seeking market linkage for their organic produce. So our organization is meant for bridging the gap between farmer to consumer by the theme Farm to Fork
Organic farming is for
Sustain farmers
Sustain ecology
and for the betterment of human health

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