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Savinskaya Niva

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Country/Territory Russia
Phone +7 473 267 97 77
Contact Tatiana Grishchenko

Savinskaya Niva was established in 2010. Within the period from 2012 until 2015, the company made a transition from conventional farming to organic farming practices. All crop and livestock products of the company comply with the ЕС 834/2007 standard and the GOST 33980-2016 state quality standard.
The key areas of activity are beef and dairy farming. The herd includes Charolais, Sychevskaya, Brown Swiss breeds and Aberdeen-Angus crosses. The total farmland is 6,013 ha. The total herd size stands at 1,350 head, thereof 156 dairy cows producing 1,832 litres of milk per day, and 1,500 head of beef cattle.
The cattle graze on native and sown pastures. The feed rations include only certified hay, haylage and concentrates produced by the company. The treatment of sick animals is based on homeopathic practices.
Savinskaya Niva implements purely organic farming technologies: minimum soil tillage, no GMO, no chemicals or artificial fertiliser.
In 2017, Savinskaya Niva commenced supplying beef to the HiPP baby food plant in Russia.

Currently, the company has embarked on a totally new project - organic milk production. Savinskaya Niva is building a robotic farm for 250 dairy cows of Simmental and Ayrshire breeds. In future, the company is planning to build a slaughter house and a beef processing facility.

Savinskaya Niva is an active player in the Russian market of organic products. In cooperation with the task group of the Agricultural Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the company is working on the development of the Regulations on Organic Agriculture. Savinskaya Niva is a member of the National Organic Association.

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