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Natural Agriculture Development Association

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Country/Territory Taiwan
Phone +886-05-5360181
Contact Kuei-Chih, KC Chuang

The Natural Agriculture Development Association (NADA) has been established at Yunlin University of Science and Technology on November 20, 2010. The purposes and goals of the NADA are to give priority to the well-being of young and new farmers. To promote and develop a sustainable connection between human and nature lands as bellows:
(1). to develop Local Agriculture and Leisure Industry Communication Platform
(2). to promote local natural agriculture and leisure, tourism, culture Industrial development
(3). to coach Industry Innovation and Creating Agricultural Value
(4). to implements education training and employment service opportunities
It has four major goals for implementation:
(1) Service marketing, including physical store and online marketing channel consultation.
(2) Education promotion, mainly promoting education training based on the concept of natural agriculture and organic agriculture.
(3) Quality certification, counseling related verification of organic non-toxic and non-pesticides safety.
(4) Public welfare undertakings to assist the employment and entrepreneurship of disadvantaged ethnic groups.
The mission of NADA
1. Establishing LOHAS agricultural production and marketing platform
2. Implementing sustainable agriculture
3. Ensure agricultural quality verification standards
4. Provide employment and entrepreneurship consulting services
35 classes total of 1111 learners in "Yunlin Organic Agriculture professional classes" to cultivate talents for young and new framers. The courses design was divided into beginner class, advanced class, and high professional class through apprenticeship learning system. Master guides beginner to implement farm practice teaching. The high professional classes have practical organic verification experience and advise the learning process of the apprenticeship system to give diagnosis and guidance to the farm. It is the most important cradle for organic farmers training in Yunlin County in Taiwan. It devoted to guide the cultivation of "smart farmers". It has a unique view: "Agriculture is an Industry". Of course, we are even more active in establishing a truly trusted brand" NADA-Brand ". We have sent three young farmers overseas to participate in community-supported agricultural and organic, sustainable agriculture as well as natural farming systems in Thailand, Canada, and Japan.

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