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Agro-Eco Philippines, Inc.

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Agro eco phil logo
Country/Territory Philippines
AbbreviationAgro-Eco Philippines
Phone +09185599814
Contact Geonathan Barro (Executive Director)

Agro-Eco Philippines is a Mindanao-based national organization of organic farmers, NGOs, scientists, Church-based groups and local government units working to end hunger and poverty in the farming communities through agroecology, social enterprise, advocacy on right to food, and international solidarity.

Vision: A just and sustainable society where the rights of the farmers are fulfilled.

Mission: To build resilient farming communities and sustainable economies in the poor farming communities.

Goal: Agro-Eco Philippines asserts the right to food of the people, reduce hunger in the poor farming communities, improve the living standard and increase the adaptive capacity of the farmers to climate change through agroecology, social enterprise, advocacy and international solidarity.

I. Farmer-to-farmer and organization-to-organization mode of transfer and cooperation
II. Farmers and scientists partnership
III. Advocacy and lobbying
IV. Gender and women in agriculture
V. Development of young farmers
VI. Building of sustainable local economies
VII. International partnership and solidarity

Our Programs

I. Advocacy on Right to Food
• Policy advocacy and Lobbying
• Partnership with LGUs and government agencies
• Fora, symposia and mobilizations
• Linkaging and building of alliances
• International solidarity and exposures
• Publications of information materials

II. Community Empowerment and Formation of Farmer’s Organizations
• Community-based educations on agroecology
• Community organizing and formation of farmer’s organizations
• Capacity-building of Farmer Leaders

III. Agroecological development enabling farmers and communities become resilient to climate change
A. Rescue and conservation of traditional plant genetic resources (PGR conservation)
• Establishment of community-based farmer learning farms and seed banks
• Propagation and dissemination of resilient crops
• Development of agroecological farms

B. Crops and livestock Improvement and Production (CLIP)
• Breeding and development of resilient crops and livestock
• Livestock production and feeds formulation
• Organic Vegetables Production

C. Research, development and dissemination of resilient farming practices
• Establishment of on-farm researches on climate-resilient crops and farming practices
• Documentation, validation and dissemination of Farmer’s Developed and Adopted Technologies (FDATs)

IV. Social Enterprise
• Organic product processing and marketing
• Participatory Guarantee System (PGS)
• Consumers’ education
• Organic product outlets

V. Gender Empowerment by Nurturing Equality and Respect (GENDER)
• Women in agriculture
• Institutional partnerships

VI. Strengthening of Organic Farmer’s Organizations
• Organizing of provincial and regional formations
• Disaster preparedness and emergency response
• Organizational development

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