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Country/Territory Austria
Phone +43 676 557 4408
Contact Fulya Batur

ARCHE NOAH has been striving to preserve and develop the diversity of all cultivated plants since 1990. The association has over 17000 members and supporters, primarily in Austria and Germany. The ARCHE NOAH seed archive, based in Schiltern in Lower Austria, is one of Europe’s biggest private collections of cultivated plants, maintaining about 5,500 accessions of rare vegetables and grains – many of them are not found anywhere else. It is maintained based on organic principles. A key principle of ARCHE NOAH is that crop diversity should not only be frozen in gene banks, but also cultivated and made available to and by farmers and gardeners. As part of our activities, we support participatory plant breeding projects as well as the dissemination of knowledge on crop diversity and organic methods through an education programme. In our offices in Vienna and Brussels we advocate for politics and policies that support greater crop diversity and biodiverse, organic agriculture.

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