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Agromapu vector %282%29
Country/Territory Chile
Phone +56 9 9900 8445
Contact Rodrigo Rojas Cheuquenao (Founder)

Our bet is that the farmers could obtain a greater productive efficiency by means of the use of friendly technologies. organic fertilizers,s and opportunities generated by a globalized economic system, they can participate as protagonists in the improvement of the living conditions of their families and contribute to the integral and sustainable development of the RURAL world. As agribusiness management area and promote of agroecological issues.

I am currently part of the IFOAM Latin America Board of Directors and, through Agro Mapu and the AOA Chile platform, it is applying to Chile to host the WORLD CONGRESS OF ORGANIC AGRICULTURE - IFOAM 2024. Meanwhile, it is preparing the AgriExpo Orgánico Latam 2021 event to be held on "24 and 25 November 2021". www.agromapu.com www.aoachile.com/agriexpo

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