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Country/Territory India

Kuntal is a management professional , having 15 years plus experience in Food & Agri value-chain advisory , Consulting & Certification including International Trade. Closely worked with farmers / FPCs and SMEs for International Market development , Compliances towards domestic & international market , Product Development, Quality Systems, Sourcing Strategy , & Sustainability issues etc. sustainability professional . He is a qualified Six SIGMA (Black Belt) professional , Auditor and FSPCA-PCQI ( Human Food and Animal Food ) Lead Instructor.
Skilled in ESG , Export Market Identification, Trade Compliance , FTAs , Trade Barriers, Country Analysis, Buyer Profiling, Sustainability, Standards /Accreditation, Organic Agriculture ( NOP-USDA), Organic Textile ( GOTS / OCS/RCS) , Sustainable Aquaculture ( BAP/MSC/ASC) , SCOR Model , Auditing etc.

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