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Phalada Agro Research Foundations Pvt. Ltd.

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Country/Territory India
Organization TypeCompany
Phone +918028536762
Contact C. M. N. Shastry (CMD)

Phalada Agro Research Foundation Pvt Ltd is a company dedicated to producing high quality organic products for the international market. We pride ourselves in providing end-to-end solutions for organic agriculture in India and are involved in each stage of the supply chain, from production of compost to the export of processed herbs, spices and other food commodities. Phalada was founded in 1999 to develop inputs for organic farmers to help improve soil fertility and prevent pests and diseases. This soon led to a more committed involvement to facilitate organic certification of farmer's groups and provide them with a premium market. Today we are a leading company in the organic sector in India, producing a wide range of products in our GMP certified processing facility in Bangalore in South India. Being involved at each stage of the supply chain means that we are able to customise our production according to your requirements, from planting material through to retail packing.

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