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8210576 guayapi
Country/Territory France
Phone +33 143 465243
Contact Valentin Wolf (Institutional - Regulation)
Ingrid Garnier (Communications Manager)
Caio De Vincenzo (Communication)

Founded in 1990 by Claudie Ravel, Guayapi was born from the founder’s passion and an important partnership. Beginning with Guarana, the company progressively expanded their variety of plant-based products, in the form of food supplements and cosmetics. The founder’s concerns for environmental issues and the respect of social values led to the establishment of a meaningful partnership between Guayapi and the Sateré Mawé, a tribe in the heart of the Amazonian forest. Guayapi maintains a very special connection with this tribe, which far surpasses that of a simple business relationship. Guayapi builds partnership with three criterious: fair trade, organic, and biodiversity.

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