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Coop Solidarite du Cafe Equitable


The Coopérative de solidarité du Café équitable is a not-for-profit association offering products and services associated to the promotion of fair trade goods, best organic practices and quality-control and related issues. These are provided to the members of Cooperative Coffees, its Southern producer partners, and its support members.

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Dharani Farming and Marketing Mutually Aided Cooperative Limited


Dharani FaM CooP Ltd., registered in March 2008, under MACS Act, is a federation of sanghas and a producer owned business enterprise, promoted by the Timbaktu Collective. It has been formed to help the farmers with the post-production processes and marketing. It procures, stores, processes and markets its members’ produce under brand name Timbaktu Organic.

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Kymen Luomu Osk


Kymi Organic Coop is a marketing and sales organization founded by organic farmers.

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822027 mgb migros genossenschafts bund




The Migros Group is a diversified and vertically integrated group of companies whose core business is retail. With its consumer and service products, it covers the everyday needs of all sections of society.

The Group is divided into five strategic business units:

Cooperative Retailing represents the core business. It consists of the activities of the ten regional Migros Cooperatives. These operate the super/hypermarkets under the Migros brand.

The strategic segment Commerce includes...

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Mouvement Biologique Malien


Le MoBioM est une union de 32 Coopératives de producteurs. Depuis 2005 date de sa création, MoBioM a connu un développement important autant sur l’adhésion (nombre de coopératives et de producteurs) que sur la progression du volume des produits bio des différentes filières : Coton, Sésame, Karité, Mangue, Noix de Cajou et les céréales.Nos coopératives membres sont constituées de 3800 producteurs avec 20% de femmes. Dans le cadre de la diversification, nous avons initié aussi en 2016 la produc...

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Unión de la Selva, SC


Unión de la Selva es una asociasión de pequeños productores de café orgánico establecidos en 1979 en Chiapas, Mexico. Actualmente producimos, procesamos y comercializamos directamente para obtener mayores beneficios para nuestras familias.

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