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Bio Verlag GmbH

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8210305 bio verlag gmbh
Country/Territory Germany
Phone +49 6021 44890
Contact Frederik Nurnus (SVP Market Intelligence)
Heike Ulrich (Executive Assistant)

Since 1980, the publisher bio verlag engages actively in sustainability, environmental protection, organic farming, healthy living and fair trade. Their media and services aim to sustainably contribute to the development of the organic sector by connecting the market players and enabling consumers to make conscious purchasing decisions.
The customer magazine Schrot&Korn covers topics from organic farming, consumer and environmental protection to sustainable consumption. The monthly 900,000 copies are available for free in organic stores across Germany and reach 1,8 million readers.
The trade magazine BioHandel reports about market developments, provides profound background information and offers perspectives for all players in the sector. With a monthly circulation of 6,500 copies and 6,000 newsletter subscribers it is a well established source for information in this fast-developing industry.
The magazine cosmia with 120,000 copies and 220,000 readers is dedicated to the organic cosmetics world.
Furthermore, bio verlag offers a growing range of market research services for retailers, producers and organizations and a growing number of websites.
With its wide product portfolio, bio verlag is one of the major opinion leaders in Germany’s organic sector. (all figures as of 2019/06/30)

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