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Green Birth Farm

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Country/Territory Taiwan
Phone +049-2920557
Contact Pelin Walis

Walis Pelin, the founder of Green Birth Farm, founded a cooperative farm in the tribe after witnessing the plight of tribal agriculture, especially the Alang Tongan, after the life and industry depression caused by the Typhoon Mindulle and Typhoon Morakot.
Combined with the experience of tribal farmers in cooperative management and development of agriculture, using farming methods that take into account the balance between land and natural ecology, young people are invited to return to farmland to establish "Green Birth Farm".
The purpose of developing green product channels to build a "mutual economic platform" for producers and consumers, and then creating a tribal social enterprise, is to create a stable life industry for smallholder families, and to balance their livelihoods, production, and ecology (triple-bottom line).

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