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Association of Taiwanese Indigenous Peoples' Development

Association of Taiwanese Indigenous Peoples' Development

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Country/Territory Taiwan
Organization TypeUmbrella Organization
Phone +886-49-2421167
Contact Huei-wen Chin

Through co-marketing, network platforms and digital management for sharing channels and experiences are introduced to the management attitudes towards organic environments for promoting non-toxic or organic safe vegetable and fruit production and marketing to become Tribal E-Shop integrating with tribal industries and digital marketing management. In Tribal E-Shop, the relationship between production and consumption as well as the new value are reconstructed. People would reciprocally evaluate the labor and efforts paid by producers, i.e. fair and reasonable prices. Producers, on the other hand, would treat consumers as the family, carefully product safe and quality products to ease themselves as well as consumers in order to reconstruct the mutual trust among people.The operation of Tribal E-Shop is not subjected to the exploitation of traditional wholesalers, but uses the earnings for necessary marketing costs and feedback to tribal development and accompanying.

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