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Armaghan means a especial gift

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Country/Territory Iran
Phone 00982126152879

We are an active company in the field of agriculture, processing and export of medicinal plants and spices, founded in 2015, and known for our high quality products and innovations. From the begin-ning, the company has been keeping a high profile as a specialized, honest and leading exporter in the world market for high quality saffron threads in premium packaging as well as services based on customer satisfaction. In the last three years, we have been focusing on developing organic farming and producing products under the organic rules of the European Union, so that we can provide the healthiest products to our customers. Our goal is to provide the highest quality spices in flavor pro-tection packaging at an affordable price to customers throughout Germany and the EU. The products offered by us are 100% genuine and without any artificial additives. ARMAGHAN sells saffron threads of the highest quality, which is called the best saffron in the world (quality level I / ISO 3632). We have up-to-date technical knowledge and capable specialists in the field of agriculture who produce the most valuable saffron in the world with the best quality of aroma, color and taste. Our vision is To be the world’s premier exporter of Organic saffron. Our Mission is to Offer exceptional quality and perfect packaging, Increase & Improve customer’s satisfaction & Innovation.

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