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Society of Green Technology for Sustainability Development in Taiwan

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Country/Territory Taiwan
Phone +886-4-2380-8049
Contact yaoming hung

Technology cannot bring true happiness to humanity, and it cannot solve the pollution and disasters caused by overdevelopment. The decline and downfall of Mayan culture and Easter Island are examples of ecological unsustainability due to excessive development. Only through sustainable practices can the Earth continue to support human and biological life. According to a United Nations report, by 2030, the solar, wind, and bioenergy industries alone will create 20 million green energy job opportunities. In the United States, one in four workers will be a green-collar worker. Taiwan is expected to have over a million green-collar workers. It is predicted that every job in the future, including food, clothing, housing, transportation, and entertainment, will inevitably transition to green-collar work.

The mission of the Society of Green Technology for Sustainability Development is to promote the sustainable development of the environment, develop and promote the application of green technology, foster green-collar talent, assist industries in promoting green technology, promote technology to reduce environmental pollution, advocate for green technology in environmental resource conservation, promote international exchange on environmental sustainability and green technology, and address other issues that contribute to the implementation of environmental sustainability and green technology.

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