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The Andes AGRECOL Foundation is a private nonprofit institution, founded as AGRECOL eV Langenbruck 1983, Switzerland and incorporated as Foundation 2001 in Cochabama, Bolivia. Its mission: "To promote sustainable agricultural development through the management of knowledge, political advocacy and strengthening local initiatives in partnership with rural and urban actors'. Its corporate vision is that 'the families of peasant and indigenous communities have reached ecological sustainability, s...

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IMOcert Latinoamérica Ltda. - Bolivia


IMOcert Latinoamérica Ltda. (IMOcert) is a control and certification body, legally established in Bolivia, accredited under the ISO 17065 standard by the German accreditation body DAkkS (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH). IMOcert performs control and certification of production, processing and marketing of organic, sustainable, social responsibility and/or fair trade products, in accordance with relevant national, international or private legal regulations, and it has accreditations and/o...

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