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Qualitätsgemeinschaft Bio-Mineralwasser e.V.

Organic Mineral Water Quality Association

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Country/Territory Germany
Organization TypeNGO (Civil Society)
Phone +49 9181 2700092
Contact Manfred Mödinger (Geschäftsführender Vorstand)

The Organic Mineral Water Association was officially established in 2008. Today all important organic associations of Germany, like Bioland, Demeter, Naturland, Biokreis, BNN and AÖL are member of the quality association.
Natural mineral water is a product of soil. The life cycle of a cultivated plant differs from the cultivation of mineral water only in the time they spend in the earth, which for the latter can span anywhere from a few years to millennia. Therefore the quality of a Natural mineral water is deeply influenced by everything that happens on the surface.
There is one solution for our water problems: Organic farming, preferably covering the whole country. Therefore the organic mineral water companies have to support organic farming. Our standard is asking this and is strictly based on the four IFOAM Principles of Organic Farming and is an example for organic standards of products closely linked to agricultural products.

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