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Sano y Salvo - Safe and Sound, Primera Asociación Campesina e Indígena de Cultura y Producción Ecológicas en la Región Autónoma Atlántico Sur

Safe and Sound, First Small Farmers and Indigenous Association for Ecological Culture and Production in SE Nicaragua's Biosphere

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Country/Territory Nicaragua
Organization TypeFarmer Association
Phone +505 83530183
Contact Victoria López Urbina (President)

Sano y Salvo is an association of ecologically farming families in SE Nicaragua, a 'biosphere of humankind'. 40% of the families are indigenous families (Rama). We grow food crops organically; the cash crops are grown in ecological, succesional agroforestry plots. Hairsheep, pigs, poultry are the farm animals. SyS's farms are examples of agro-biodiversity. Protecting natural biodiversity, forests, water, soil, climate, we stop migration. Sano y Salvo is involved in media work and lobbies locally, regionally and nationally. We process most of and market our produce ourselves. Hazardous extractivism projects are threatening membership and people: open pit gold mining, and highly chemical mono cultures of oil palm, pine apple, robusta coffee and others; other dangers are cattle ranching and complete passivity of the ministry of environment.

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