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Burkina Faso

tiipaalga works with farmer families and women in Burkina Faso and provides them with training and equipement, grants them microcredit loans and expertise.
Our results:
-we work in 300 villages with 328 enlarged families and women’s groups
-More than 984 ha hectares of growing forests are protected in the long term
-More than 700 000 trees are sustainably protected
-Within the protected land 160 different species may be found, including some rare native trees
-Sustainable organic agr...

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Logo for union


Union for Agriculture Development Co.


Our company is a supplier as well as a manufacturer not only excellent quality VermiCompost in the industry but also we make customized for oriented VermiCompost and derivatives. Amended with bio fertilizers, it is largely utilized in organic agricultural industry for the intention of improving growth of huge variety of crops and plants. It is manufactured from bio-degradable organic wastes with assistance of acceptable processing methods under the guidance of dedicated professionals.

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Union inter-régionale des sociétés cooperatives

Cote d'Ivoire

union de 5 cooperatives en projet sur la transition agroécologique. pour un total de 4800ha de superficie exploitée par 1600 producteurs de cacao et de vivriers. Union créée en juillet 2015

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Logo unobio fr 1


Union Nationale des Opérateurs de la Filière Bio Tunisie


UNObio is an independent professional organization which brings together the different operators involved in the organic sector in Tunisia: producers, processors and traders. This organization was created in October 2019 and aims to contribute to the development of the organic sector in Tunisia and worldwide. Its vision is to offer quality products that protect the health of consumers, producers and environment.

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Vert Deux Mains


The Company Vert Deux Mains is established to promote organic farming, healthy lifestyle and balanced nutrition for charitable purposes, and include the following activities:
1) education and training of agricultural producers who wish to have their products certified as ‘organic’ under a participatory guarantee system;
2) organization of conferences, farmers’ markets and other events to promote organic agriculture and healthy eating; and
3) sensitization campaigns to promote healthy lifes...

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8210917 wad wad african foods limited


Wad African Foods Limited


WAD is the acronym of Weija Agricultural Development. The company started in the year 2000 with the aim of participating in the fight against poverty and continuous dependence of the rural poor in Ghana. The company export fresh and dried fruits produced by small scale farmers in Ghana. Products exported are pineapple, coconut, mango, papaya and coconuts. Wad's products are exported to Switzerland and Europe

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