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Organic Ukraine NGO


Organic Ukraine NGO unites only certified organic operators and has important partners for the organic business; it is established to create and develop the Ukrainian and international organic market.
Organic Ukraine has the strength, knowledge, competence and experience to protect the interests of organic producers, processors, distributors, traders, and input producers, and contribute to increase in organic sales. Our main focus is business communication for successful development of each ...

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Privredna komora Srbije - Slu┼żba za organsku proizvodnju


In July 2016 within the Serbian Chamber of commerce was established an Organic production centre. The centre is recognized as a development center with the main goal of promoting, developing and improving the organic production in Serbia. The activities and tasks of the centre are to connect all stakeholders in organic sector, the agricultural producers, cooperatives, entrepreneurs, public and private organizations, educational, scientific and research institutions. Our goal is to facilitate ...

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Pro Luomu ry


The Finnish Organic Food Association Pro Luomu is an association for the cooperation of actors in the organic sector. Pro Luomu promotes the growth of organic production and consumption in Finland. Pro Luomu develops the organic sector by drafting statements and commenting on important current issues. In addition, the association organizes expert seminars and provides news and information from organic food through different media. The value chain working groups for each product groups are e...

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Signatures of Asia founded in 2007 as rice trading house and converted into a rice milling house in 2010, is proud to be one of the top 10 rice exporters in Cambodia, a ranking we have maintained since 2012. SOA offers a range of products from conventional to organic through contract farming and promotion of healthy crop unique business philosophies so that our company values are present in every product and delivered to every business partners.

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