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Ralph Liebing

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Country/Territory Austria

Working since 2015 as free-lancing consultant with my company named Taorganics - Green Market-Development & Capacity Building, situated in Vienna/Austria.
I am embedded in the vast network of the global organic agriculture movement and able to provide links to potential buyers in processing, wholesale and retail in the core-markets of the EU as much as linking producers from the South with European markets.
My expertise is related to the broad area of product- and market-development for organic farmers, processors and retailers.
I offer a wide range of consultancy and trainings related to marketing and sales of organic/bio-dynamic products as much as I support and advise entrepreneurs in the South to convert to organic production and processing, e.g. in Tansania.
Since 2014 UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organisation) is requesting my expertise in product and market development and was involving me in projects in Ethiopia, Sudan and Tanzania. In current UNIDO projects my expertise is in demand to establish organic agriculture and horticulture actividies in Indonesia (Lombok) and Venezuela and to develop added value chains for the local, national and international markets. On Zanzibar/Tanzania the new NGO WEZA is implementing projects taking a comprehensive approach on women's empowerment, connecting education for business development and employability to women´s health and social participation. My role is to support them with ideas of product and market development for tourists.

My offers
• Tailor-made market research
• Down-tracking of potential markets and clientele
• Market-segmentation and development
• Product development and upgrading
• Capacity building in marketing, in sales & merchandising
• Global linkage to commodity producers
• Project-development assistance

My expertise and know-how
more than 30 years of experience in the organic realm:
• CEO of the Austrian Organic Retailers Association VNOe
• CEO for farm direct marketing & sales within BIO AUSTRIA (the largest Organic Farmers Association in the EU)
• Team-member of FIBL’s Department for Int. Development
• Product- & Market-development for Nepali NGO “Oneworld”
• EU Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) project design & management
• Leonardo EU vocational training-projects in organic retailing
• Int. market-development-projects for ITC, FIBL and UNIDO in Ethiopia, China, Indonesia, Romania, Sudan, Taiwan, Tanzania, Ukraine

My engagements
• International consultant for farmers, processors, traders, retailers, tourism stakeholders in all green market-relevent areas
• Project-development and upgrading of emerging markets for different I-NGOs, NGOs and SMEs
• Part of a vast international network of green market professionals
• Internationally engaging ambassador for the recommendation, dissemination, development and support of future-compliant
initiatives in production, processing and marketing

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