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Country/Territory Burkina Faso
Phone +226 25364501
Contact Franziska Kaguembega-Muller (President)

tiipaalga works with farmer families and women in Burkina Faso and provides them with training and equipement, grants them microcredit loans and expertise.
Our results:
-we work in 300 villages with 328 enlarged families and women’s groups
-More than 984 ha hectares of growing forests are protected in the long term
-More than 700 000 trees are sustainably protected
-Within the protected land 160 different species may be found, including some rare native trees
-Sustainable organic agriculture and FMNR methods (21'215 ha with 8101 households) are used by farmers inside and outside the protected plots
-sources of income have been created through harvest of honey, production and sales of straw bales, producing high quality oil
-About 73'200 women cook every day on 161'700 efficient cook stoves that reduces the wood consumption by 291'000 tons per year
-Women gain an increased income thanks to training and access to microcredit (128'000 Euros of micro credits available for 3000 women)

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