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F.A.L.C.O.N Association

Farmers in Agriculture, Livestock, Cooperative, Organic Network.

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Country/Territory Mauritius
Organization TypeFoundation
Phone +230 5789 2282
Contact Gunsham Seeborun (President & project coordinator)

Falcon Citizen League (FCL) is involved in encouraging farmers to become organic producers. FCL has an organic market in Mauritius. it has a Bio-organic cooperatives society LTD. FCL produce and market his own natural soil enricher / herbal insecticide “Zero Budget Natural Farming”. FCL is engaging in providing training in Organic farming to poor families. FCL has started to promote Organic Family Farming in the Republic of Mauritius together with Women Association, Small Farmers Welfare Fund and University of Mauritius (Faculty of Agriculture) after our President attending the Launch of UN Decades for Family Farming 2019-2029 at the headquarters of FAO in May 2019.. FCL has an organic Model Farm called FALCON PEAS Model Farm Which is fully ecological. Agro Tourism is one of the new concept in the farm with the help of MAURITIUS Concuss Tours , where tourism can spend a full day in the farm by visiting, harvesting, tastings and cooking organic fruits and vegetables. FCL has a MOU with the Beijing Agriculture Vocational Science and Technology to have an exchange program in organic Agriculture.

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