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FMC Greenland Sdn Bhd

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822114 fmc greenland sdn bhd
Country/Territory Malaysia
Phone +60 3 80608257
Contact TC Lee

"Our retail concept is not only a business; it goes beyond profit making and make everything happens with love and sincerity. As a family we passionately built BMS Organics to how it is today, upholding our mission to promote a holistic and healthy lifestyle and an eco-friendly diet." Say NO to GMO and Chemical Additives. As a nature lover, BMS lives true to “Say NO to Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) products”. In order to curb the harmful effects of genetically modified organisms and chemical additives, we insist on providing non-polluted organic products. Products that are sold at BMS Organics are stringently selected and ensured to be the best quality. International and Local Quality Certifications Organic products being sold at BMS Organics have been certified by many local and international bodies. Our house brand has even passed the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) recognised by international organisation, and our factory is a certified organic food re-packer approved by Australia NASAA.

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